Brooks Transcend 3 20210805

The 43 shot is a little small, replaced by 44, which is very good, the wrapping is very good, my husband is overweight, worried about his knee injury, so he chose to surpass, his instep is on the high side, he said this pair of shoes is the best and comfortable for him to wear, ha ha!!! Now, he can’t do without exercise!!!

1. The shoes are very light and breathable. 2. Made in China, the defects are quite obvious. 3. I feel so hard on my feet for the first time! I almost have to return it, but when I wear this T3 on one foot and this T3 on the other foot, I can see that it is also a support type running shoe with similar price. Brooks has an advantage in all aspects! It’s really the Savior of low arch foot!! 4. The first time I put on my feet, I ran 6 kilometers without any discomfort. I felt like an old friend when I put on my feet. Good!! Praise, praise!

Brooks Transcend 3

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