Puma Basket Heart 20210806

The ribbon and the original shoelaces are very good. The only worry is that there will be wrinkles on the top of the leather shoes. However, it seems that the normal shoes are still very beautiful after a long time of wearing. The upper foot is just right and I chose a smaller size.

The shoes are very comfortable, even if they are a little over half a size. They also have a little bit of heel loss when wearing socks. However, I like them very much. I finally received the baby I need. It’s very good and cheap. Thank you, shopkeeper! To be honest, this is the most satisfying shopping I’ve ever had in Taobao shopping. I am very satisfied with the attitude of the shopkeeper or the goods. The manager’s attitude is very professional and enthusiastic. He answers every question and answers quickly. I asked a lot of questions, but he didn’t feel bothered. He would answer me seriously. I sincerely respect the manager for this. There are not many good managers like this. Besides, baby, it’s exactly what I need. When I receive it, the package is complete. To my surprise, baby is better than I imagined! You have to give a thumbs up. I’ll come back when I need it next time. Please give me a discount!

Puma Basket Heart

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