Nike Air VaporMax CS 20210810

The shoes are good. The style is OK. When running, it looks like a spring. It’s unstable when walking stairs. Because it’s not one of them, there’s a seam in the middle. The air cushion is softer than 17. I don’t know if it’s wearable. The air cushion looks thin. I don’t know if it will break or leak. I hope it will be durable. Also, delivery is too slow It’s too slow, but the express delivery is fast.

Good looking and comfortable ever since I registered with Taobao and tmall, I didn’t care how to use Taobao coins and points. Later, I learned the importance of comments, the importance of printing pictures, and drying videos! Most of the things at home are purchased from e-commerce, so you don’t have to go out and wander around, but you can also avoid the follow-up trivia of going out. It’s true that tmall supermarket makes me more and more lazy, but what can I do Tmall’s products are so good, the date is very fresh, the quality is guaranteed, the logistics and distribution are fast, the risk of buying fake goods of daily necessities is very low, the discount of buying big brands is lower than that of physical stores, and there are also shopping vouchers and subsidies. It’s really hard for us. I haven’t made a serious evaluation before. I will review it later

Nike Air VaporMax CS

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