Air Jordan 3 20210904

Top FFF smiley face short sleeve bottom FFF camouflage shorts shoes aj3 white red hat hat hat MLB damage department NY baseball cap Watch: G-Shock model forgotten

It’s very beautiful!! Just bought the 36.5, feel squeezed feet for 37.5, much more comfortable! Usually, vans35 is worn under aj1 and 36.5, which is 37.5! It’s suggested that we should make it bigger! Otherwise, it’s really crowded! Customer service is excellent, always patiently solve problems, refill

Life’s first pair of AJ shoes. The classic black and red shoe box, black and white shoe upper, seems to let oneself back to the University era when students have nothing but envy. I net foot length 265, belongs to lean feet, the boss suggested 42.5, after several consideration “arbitrary decision” placed an order of 43. result… Just right comfortable. It’s the second pair of shoes I bought here. Very good, thank you. I’ll pay attention to it later.

Air Jordan 3

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